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Specialist Security Products - Close Up September 2002

Going it Alone - Close Up September 2002

On the road to Success - Close Up June 2004

Innovation & Quality Workmanship - Close Up September 2004

Security Solutions Award Winners - Yorkshire Times Issue 269

Success Continues - Close Up September 2005

G & D Help Improve Spen Valley Parks - Close Up Spring 2008

Our Awards

G & D Enterprises won the Award for Excellence for Security Solutions for 2004-05. The artcile above - Security Solutions Award Winners explains the outcome of this award process.

G & D Enterprises Ltd where also awarded the Business of the Month Award for June 2008 - Sponsored by MYCCI and Eaton Smith Solicitors.

This award also allows G & D Enterprises Ltd to enter the Business of the Year Award for 2008 during May 2009 - also sponsored by MYCCI and Eaton Smith Solicitors.

Our certificate for this award can be seen here. Our letter of comendation can be seen here.

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